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Upgrading our Rear View Camera

Watch the video here!   Get your own HaloView Camera here.   The HaloView MC10 is a review mirror screen with a front-facing camera and wirelessly connects to a review facing camera.     The Rearview mirror replacement takes power from a cigarette lighter port and the camera is wireless to the

How We Stay Connected

Staying connected while working on the road is way more challenging than anyone expects it to be.  If you are reading this post you are probably searching for that holy grail solution for your own personal setup.  We have been on the road since 2018,

Today, We Became Activists

Our country is hurting. Our country is grieving. But above all, our country is changing.   The fight to end racism in America is on, and we are called to not only stand up against injustice, but to also educate ourselves to be a betterAmerica. It’s not

Vinyl Plank Floor Install

     This is part 2 of our flooring update.  After putting the new floating subfloor down, we debated on doing a high-grade carpet or 'hard' floor.  We went with the vinyl plank for these key advantage: waterproof scratch proof durability ease of cleaning ease of delivery